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Our Menu


Served with two sides and bread

Ribs 4 Bones$14.00

Shoulder $12.00

Pulled Pork

1/2 Chicken$12.00

Rib Tip$13.00

Beef Brisket$15.00

Combo Meal$16.00

Add $1.00 Brisket

1/2 Slab Dinner$18.00

Large Tip Dinner$17.00

Family Slab Dinner 2 Pints Sides$34.00

Family Tip Dinner 2 Pints Sides$23.00

Family 1 LB. Pulled Pork Dinner 2 Pints Sides$24.00

Family 1 LB. Brisket Dinner 2 Pints Sides$27.00

Side Orders

Brunswick Stew

Small $4 | Large $6

Baked Beans

Seasoned with Angus Brisket
Small $3 | Large $5

Cole Slaw

Small $3 | Large $5

Potato Salad

Small $3| Large $5


Small $3 | Large $5

Corn on the Cob$3.00

When in Season


Mac & Cheese

Small $4 | Large $6


Small $4 | Large $6

Fried Okra$3.00

Sandwiches Only

(No SIdes)


(Pulled Pork)

Beef Brisket$8.00

(Chopped or Sliced)

Pulled Chicken $7.00

Caution: Pulled chicken may have small bones.

Polish Boy$8.00

Topped w/Slaw & Fries on the sandwich

Polish Girl$9.00

Topped w/Pulled Pork Slaw & Fries on the sandwich

Ribs (3 Bones) Sandwich$9.00

Big Ben$9.00

Pulled Pork, Slaw, Cheese

Angus Burger$8.00



When available

Cup Cakes$2.00

When available

Banana Pudding$5.00

When available



Fountain Drinks$2.00

Bottled Water$2.00

Whole Food

Whole Slab$24.00

1/2 Slab$16.00

w/ 1 Piece of Bread

Whole Chicken$14.00

No Bread

1/2 Chicken$8.00

w/ 1 Piece of Bread

1 lb. Shoulder$16.00

Chopped or Pulled

1/2 lb. Shoulder$9.00

Chopped or Pulled

1 lb. Beef Brisket$18.00

Chopped or Pulled

1/2 lb. Beef Brisket$10.00

Chopped or Pulled

Large Tips$13.00

w/ 1 Piece of Bread


Loaded Baked Potato$8.00

Loaded w/ Pork or Chicken

Brisket for $1 Extra

Caution: Pulled Chicken may have small bones.

Plain Baked Potato$4.00

Kids Basket

Served w/ Fries & Drink

Substitute Fries or Chips for another Side - Add $.95

Kids Shoulder Sandwich Basket$6.00

Pulled Pork

Kids Chop Chicken Sandwich Basket$6.00

Caution: Pulled Chicken may have small bones

Kids 2 Bones Rib Basket$7.00

Kids Grilled Cheese Sandwich Basket$5.00

Kids Hot Dog Basket$6.00

Kids Chicken Finger$7.00

3 Chicken Fingers

Kids Burger Basket$6.00


Served with Fries & Drink

Substitute Fries or Chips for another Side - Add $.95

Shoulder Sandwich Basket$10.00

(Pulled Pork)

Pulled Chicken Sandwich Basket$10.00

Caution: Pulled Chicken may have small bones

Beef Brisket Sandwich Basket$10.00

Chopped or Sliced

Ribs (3 Bones) Basket$11.00

Tip Basket$11.00

Chicken Finger Basket$9.00

Angus Burger Basket$11.00

Other Items

Nachos $6.00


Nachos - Pulled Pork or Chicken$8.00

Nachos - Beef Brisket

Extra Rib Bone$3.00

Limit 3 Per Order

Cornbread $0.75


6 oz. Sauce$2.00

1 pt. Sauce$5.00

**Prices subject to change without notice**